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Income Protection | Retirement | Comprehensive Financial Planning


Please take a few minutes to watch this video that demonstrates a key insight into retirement planning that is often overlooked. 

Life is funny. For the first half of our life we're told we need to turn our income into assets. But in the second half, all of sudden, we're told we need to turn those assets back into income. But we don't know when to start, if we have enough, and how long the second half will last. When we consider that the end goal of saving for retirement is income creation, the dilemma of how we should position our assets today becomes more clear. 

Sequence of Returns 

In retirement, market volatility puts us in the position to decide how much of our nest egg we are allowed to spend before we know what we're going to earn. It's unclear how much we can spend today and how much we should reserve for years with down markets. 

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How Long We'll Need Income 

None of us know when we're leaving this world. This obvious truth has an enormous impact on how we can spend our assets in retirement. It's unclear how much of our assets we can spend today and how much we should reserve for the hopefully many years to come.                                

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Andrew Eppes Photo

Andrew Eppes

Financial Advisor
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Andrew Eppes, Financial Advisor

Andrew joined the financial services industry in 2011 after gaining valuable experience in education. He provides individualized financial guidance to DFW area families and owner-operated businesses. Andrew takes each of his clients through a thorough financial review, gets to know their specific financial goals, and carefully designs a plan to help them get where they want to go. 

Andrew’s focus is around helping clients make sound financial decisions like helping to protect their family from the biggest financial risks and helping them understand sound principles of retirement savings and income generation.  

Andrew has a BA from the University of Texas at Austin where he studied history, political science, and economics. Andrew and his family of four live in the White Rock Lake area of Dallas, TX. They’re members Northwest Bible Church, avid Camp Gladiator campers, and in the summers, they like to get away to Lake Travis outside of Austin. 


Life Insurance

You are your greatest asset. Protect your family or your business by securing life insurance and disability income insurance. Life insurance is a unique planning tool that can provide supplemental retirement income and efficiently transfer wealth.  


We'll manage the assets you've worked hard to build. We'll analyze your existing investments, then make recommendations based on our your specific financial circumstances. We provide our clients with the opportunity to evaluate our recommendations, and ask questions in order to make informed decisions.


Retirement planning has two phases: accumulation and distribution. We believe in preparing for both phases. Whatever your retirement goals, we’ll help you build your nest egg and determine how to best create income to meet the lifestyle you've come to expect.             


Financial Planning

An individualized, fee-based financial plan is aimed at creating a clear path to achieving your financial goals. It puts organization, purpose, and continued course corrections into your finances so you can enjoy what matters most.


Initial Call

Schedule a call. After our talk, we'll decide if it makes sense to continue our conversation. 

Discovery Meeting

We'll listen to your goals and begin crafting a custom plan to help you get where you want to go. 

Action Plan

We'll help you monitor your plan and help you stay on track.  









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